There are thousands of creative agencies in New York City making it very easy for people to fall into the wrong hands. We are new consulting agency founded to help clients navigate the creative world and avoid risky partnerships. We are Monolith.

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Which designer does what? Do I need a digital agency or a design agency? These are the common questions clients will find themselves asking time and time again during the process of finding a creative agency. Monolith draws from years of experience working in the creative field to help clients build better and more significant partnerships with the right creative in order realize their goals and ultimately, create the best looking work.

Evaluate, Recommend and Connect.

•   Splash
•   Puku 
•   Pampelone
•   Poplr Inc.
•   Sneakers Agency

•   The World Bank
•   Sunday In Brooklyn
•   Rights & Resources 
•   Pas De Shop

Monolith was recently founded by Allan Revah, an accomplished designer with years of experience in the creative field. Raised cross-continental between London, New York, and Paris, Allan studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and began his career as a digital designer at Warner Bros; eventually running an independent design studio in Brooklyn. In the past year, Allan felt that the design industry lacked clarity and is now on a mission to advocate for clients in need of creative guidance.